Clean Slate Recovery helps those with an addiction find the treatment that will be effective for them. When a drug or alcohol addiction takes over someone’s life, friends and loved ones may struggle with what to do to help the person. It is often necessary for the individual to get professional addiction services to help them get sober.

Assessment & Referral Services

The journey to sobriety can be confusing and difficult. Individuals suffering with addiction – and their family members – need help understanding the process and finding a treatment facility that will meet their needs. Our addiction recovery services help connect those in need of treatment with the program that will help them achieve sobriety. Our professional addiction treatment services connect people with high quality treatment facilities and help them enroll in the program.

Our compassionate addiction professionals offer objective addiction assessments for those who may have a substance abuse problem. Based on the assessment report, which evaluates patients’ needs regarding substance abuse, mental health issues, geographic location, and finances, the patient is referred to a treatment program that is well-suited for them.

Making the choice to enter treatment is a life-altering decision, and we want to help you make the best use of the treatment process. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and you are ready to get help, let our addiction treatment services go to work for you. We will use the information about your needs and addiction history to find the treatment program that will be effective for you.

Other Addiction Treatment Services

Our other addiction treatment services ensure that the entire recovery process goes smoothly. We offer case management for those needing our assistance throughout the recovery process. Families that need help approaching a loved one who is dependent on drugs or alcohol will find our intervention addiction services helpful. We also offer transport services for those in need of help relocating to or from a treatment facility. All of Clean Slate Recovery’s addiction services are offered at no cost to the patient. We want to be part of your recovery process, and it is our goal to help everyone, no matter what their financial status.

Addiction can control lives and devastate families.

The professionals at Clean Slate Recovery are equipped to help those in need throughout their entire recovery process. Contact us today.

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Assessment & Referral Services

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