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Recovery can be a difficult journey, and unfortunately, many people give up or relapse before completing their treatment. Others just need a little encouragement to continue working toward sobriety. Family members often struggle when their loved one bounces between treatment and addiction, because they cannot seem to keep the person on the right track. Clean Slate Recovery provides case management for substance abuse in order to help individuals and families who need a little more support during and after the treatment process.

Meaning that we help coordinate and walk you through the many difficult and confusing parts of helping to get your loved one started on a life of recovery.

The stress of decision making often keeps people from seeking help. It seems overwhelming. This is exactly how our substance abuse case management team can help.

We’re here to coordinate and explain what to expect along the road to recovery

Clean Slate begins to coordinate and educate you and your family from your very first contact.

We’ll explain what to expect in each necessary phase of care:

  • planning the intervention
  • the intervention
  • detox
  • inpatient treatment
  • aftercare services
  • family support and services

In each of these parts your substance abuse case management team will help you with getting the plan into motion, as well as the financial and insurance concerns that you may have. You are not left to figure things out for yourself during this stressful time, we’re here to do the heavy-lifting.

Your loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction may also have led to significant legal issues, such as drunk driving or debt. We can also help you address these legal matters.

We’re here for you beyond rehab

Substance Abuse Case Management isn’t just about getting your loved one into treatment. After rehab, your Clean Slate case management team will continue to be here as you have questions and concerns about the more long-term after care period.

Case Management

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