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Simply stated, detox is treatment to rid the body of toxins. These can be drugs, alcohol or other substances. Drug and alcohol detox treatment is the first necessary step to get someone ready for a substance abuse rehab program. It is done as an inpatient, over a day or several days.

Detox programs usually combine medical and supportive management of the symptoms that are caused from the body no longer having the usual levels of drugs and alcohol in the system. These symptoms can be mild or life-threatening.

Alcoholics who have been drinking large amounts of alcohol on a daily basis can’t go “cold turkey” without some painful and dangerous side-effects, such as seizures. And it is important not to equate alcohol detox with treatment for alcoholism. Without a follow-up rehab program, the same behaviors, circumstances and mental health issues will lead almost immediately back to drinking.

Drug detox is similar in many ways to alcohol detox. It also is the essential first step before entering rehab, and is not a cure for the addiction.

Detox programs offer individualized care

We can help you determine which detox programs are best for you. Not if, but which one. In order to beat your addiction, safe detox is necessary.

Many addicts and alcoholics need medication in detox to help with the side-effects of withdrawal. They may also need medication to help with anxiety and depression, to prepare them for the hard next step of an inpatient program.

Some addicts and alcoholics are severely malnourished, so healthy nutrition is addressed in detox.
Supportive care by empathetic and specially trained detox clinicians will also be with you during detox. Physicians and other licensed personnel are on-call or on-site during the detox period.