Detox is important, and needs to be done safely and under professional supervision. Without it, beginning a rehab program will be ineffective and frustrating.

Detox is a common and abbreviated form of the word detoxification. It simply means getting the drugs and alcohol, and their associated toxins, completely out of the body.

Trying to do this without receiving professional alcohol or drug detox treatment is rarely successful, and can even be fatal.

What happens without detox treatment

When someone first uses drugs or alcohol, they want to feel the buzz or high. At this early point, they are in control over whether they take a shot or a hit. Not everyone is able to stay in control.

Over time, as they continue to drink or use drugs, they need more and more in order to achieve the same physical feelings. The body and the brain begin to fight back when they do not get the drugs and alcohol, and the negative and painful symptoms of withdrawal begin.

Trying to detox alone can be deadly.
A safe and controlled detox is possible by getting detox treatment in a medically supported environment.

Symptoms of withdrawal

Drug and alcohol detox treatment professionals will safely support and guide you through your detox treatment. Physical and emotional support by empathetic and specially trained staff will help make the process easier.

Some of the things you might experience while you are in detox are:

  • anxiety
  • rapid heart rate
  • sweating
  • nausea
  • inability to focus or interact with others

Some of the more deadly symptoms that can happen without professionally supervised detox treatment:

  • seizures
  • strokes
  • death

Without a formal detox program, detox just doesn’t safely happen, and a person will continue to drink and use drugs.

Clean Slate Recovery will work with you to find the best detox treatment option. Only licensed drug and alcohol detox treatment centers, staffed with certified professionals, are considered. You can be assured of receiving a safe and effective transition into rehab.

Contact us today for more information about detox options for you or a loved one, or to get detox help today.

Take the first step towards a better life. Detox.


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