As the concerned family member of an addict, you most likely have many concerns. You may want to know what the rehab process entails, what it costs, and most importantly, if it will be effective for your loved one. Many family members struggle with the decision to get help for their loved one because they don’t have all the information they need. The staff at Clean Slate Recovery can help provide information and support for families of addicts.

Addiction Affects Everyone

Addiction rarely affects just one individual. Entire families are impacted by addiction, because it controls a person’s priorities and puts a strain on their relationships. Children suffer at the hand of a neglectful or abusive parent who is an addict. Parents make excuses for their teen or adult child who is being controlled by an addiction. Spouses assume all responsibilities in order to cover for an addicted partner. Family members are often the first ones to see the need for treatment, and the ones who try to talk their loved one into getting help.

Support for Families of Addicts

Simply talking to a person on drugs or addicted to alcohol is not always effective. Many family members have been met with denial or resistance. Our staff will find and provide support for the families of addicts, including information about intervention and transport services. The addiction information for family members we provide will help you get your loved one into the best treatment for their needs, and help your family understand the whole rehab process. We help you learn about addiction, and give you the drug rehab information for family that will help you all through recovery.

Healing Families

Because an entire family often suffers when a member is an addict, it is beneficial for the family to go through treatment together. Some rehab programs provide therapy and counseling for family members together, so that they can work through any dysfunction they are experiencing. It is important during rehab for the patient to address the underlying causes of addiction, which often involve family relationships. By working with the family, treatment providers can more effectively help the patient, help teach the family how to prevent relapse, and help them heal the family as a whole.

If you have a loved one who needs help for an addiction, contact us for addiction information for family members. Our staff will help your loved one get the treatment they need, and provide your family with the answers they are seeking.

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Information For Families

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