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Intervention Strategies

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Intervention strategies are formal and planned ways used to get a friend or family member into substance abuse treatment. Some people hit rock bottom and ask for help. But many don’t. Clean Slate can help you identify the best substance abuse and alcohol intervention strategies for your own unique circumstances.

Substance abuse intervention strategies

Someone abusing drugs and alcohol can be a pre-teen, a teenager, an adult or even well into their senior years. They may have been fighting a life-long addiction with multiple relapses, or they have only been having problems for a short time.

You’ve seen interventions on TV with a lot of shouting and blaming going on. Intervention strategies have one focus: to get the addict help. It is extremely difficult to keep this focus in mind when intervening with a loved one. An intervention isn’t the time to hash out old feelings of pain and anger.

Planning the intervention

Often a group of friends and family will create intervention strategies together. They may ask an intervention specialist to help them prepare, and then be there during the actual intervention. The intervention will be hard on everyone, not just person you hope to help.

Friends and family often need to surprise the addict with the intervention. Each person will share their fears about losing the loved one to drugs and alcohol in an honest manner. They may also introduce negative consequences, such as refusing to give the addict any more money, or not letting them to see grandchildren. These types of consequences are meant to help the addict see the damage his drug and alcohol use is causing.

Ideally a rehab facility has already been identified, so that if the addict agrees, they can enter detox and treatment with a minimum of delay