There are many pieces to setting up and carrying out an intervention, and more than one kind of intervention service to consider. Clean Slate provides a full array of addiction intervention services, and helps you understand what is available, and what can be of best benefit to you and your loved one.

How can addiction intervention services help?

We are all on the same page here: Your loved one needs help for their addiction.

Each Clean Slate intervention service is designed to give your intervention the absolute best chance of success, by setting up everything in advance. Lack of planning is often what leads to a poor intervention.

Our addiction intervention specialists and intake staff will first get to know you. Knowing more about you and your addicted loved one will help us provide the intervention service that is right for your special circumstances.

When did the addiction begin? What specific ways has the destruction of substance abuse personally affected not only the user, but also the family and work situation. Is the family suffering financially or legally? Are there children or elderly parents involved?

More addiction intervention services

From this basic information, our intervention service specialists will help you plan the next steps:

  • Determine when and where the intervention should take place (and help you make arrangements)
  • Pre-intervention planning 1:1 with you and a professional addiction intervention specialist
  • How many people are enough…or too many… for your addiction intervention
  • Walk each person through how to write the very important intervention letter
  • Help you understand the things to do…and to avoid doing…during the intervention
  • Advanced placement for detox and inpatient rehab, so that when your intervention is successful, there is no delay in getting your loved one into treatment
  • Understanding the financial part of the addiction intervention services and rehab
  • We are here to explain, support, listen and coordinate. We utilize our addiction intervention services carefully and personally, so you get what exactly what you need, nothing less.

Take the first step towards a better life. Detox.


Clean Slate Recovery Addiction Intervention Services

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