How do you select from among hundreds of rehab centers? Suddenly you or your loved one has hit the tipping point and are in crisis mode. Under already strained circumstances, should you just take a wild guess and hope for the best?

We’re glad that you’ve found Clean Slate. Let us guide you through the selection process of finding the best rehab treatment center for you.

First, our addiction intake specialist will get to know you. We’ll find out what your particular clinical and financial needs are, and review a variety of addiction rehab centers side-by-side, to help you and your loved one make an informed choice.

Here are just some things you’ll need to consider when looking at different rehab centers:

  • Effective initial treatment involves a 2-6 month stay at an inpatient rehab center
  • Short-stay treatment does not give the newly recovering addict or alcoholic time to learn the skills for a life-time of recovery
  • Often a geographic distance from family and friends is the best choice—we’ll help you understand why this is beneficial
  • Not all addiction rehab centers have an immediately available space, and it can be difficult to navigate this process alone, particularly if you don’t understand how it works
  • Choosing the most convenient, inexpensive and basic rehab center may lead to a short period of recovery, but a longer period of relapse—they often seem like a good fit on paper, until an expert helps you understand how all of the pieces in the rehab process fit together in the most beneficial manner
  • Substance abuse treatment centers need to offer multiple modalities of treatment, have certified addiction specialists, and create an individualized treatment plan based on your needs that will assist you into the post-discharge period.

Addiction Rehab Centers

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