Sometimes getting to or from a treatment program is the biggest obstacle people face. It takes determination and commitment to actually walk through the doors of a facility, knowing that one’s life is going to change drastically. Leaving treatment can also be difficult, and ensuring that the home is drug and alcohol free and conducive to living a sober life is important. Clean Slate Recovery connects clients with a sober escort when needed, to help make the transition to and from treatment as painless as possible.

Transport Services

The sober escort program offered by Clean Slate Recovery helps clients first of all get to treatment. We connect you with professional addiction transport services, which take the initiative to physically get you or your loved one to treatment. Many times, someone with a history of addiction has lost the privilege to drive, and family and friends may be unavailable to take them. With a sober escort, the individual gets to treatment when expected, and with the support of a caring professional who helps ease anxiety and calm fears.

Sober Companion

Once treatment is completed it is more important than ever that the newly sober individual is surrounded by positive influences. A sober escort, or a sober travel companion, ensures that the individual is taken safely home or to transitional housing. A sober travel companion can also make sure that the person’s living environment is clean and sober, so that they can avoid triggers and relapse. A sober escort can take the individual to AA meetings, to long term counseling sessions, and can help them follow through with their discharge plan.

Everyone going through recovery needs as much help and support from others as possible, and this includes making sure they get to and from treatment and meetings. Some individuals do not have family or close friends to fill that role, or their loved ones may not feel comfortable helping in this way. A sober escort can help those who have specific needs for support get to and from treatment, so that they are more able to achieve sobriety.

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Sober Escort

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