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Setting back into a normal social and work life after intensive rehab isn’t easy. Even with strong family support, it is important to avoid old friends and situations that might trigger a relapse. Sober living accommodations are an extra way that you can support your recovery, and Clean Slate can help you find one.

Living in a sober house surrounds you with support

A recent study supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shows that without a stable drug and alcohol free living environment, even motivated people will have a greatly increased chance of relapse.

A sober house is not a half-way house; they are groups of recovering addicts and alcoholics who live together and give each other daily support, and accountability, while rejoining society in a healthy and meaningful way.

Sober living accommodations may be a house, duplex or a condo. There are special homes, such as women’s sober living accommodations. Most have patios and yards for recreation and relaxation, and are generally located in quiet residential neighborhoods.

What do sober living houses have in common?

  • First of all is a zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use.
  • Residents are generally expected to attend house meetings, and be a part of decision making and daily chores in the home.
  • Many sober houses require members of this small recovery “family” to regularly attend Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings, and other outpatient programs.
  • A main goal is to develop trust and cooperation. An emphasis on healthy activities is encouraged.

Unfortunately, the demand for quality sober living housing is much greater than the availability. Clean Slate Recovery is partnered with many of these in multiple geographic areas around the US, and they know when a sober house accommodation is available.

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